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Anders Frederiksen

A third-generation REALTOR®, Anders has been exposed to the world of real estate ever since he can remember. In fact, shortly after he was born, the new home builder with whom his mother Kim worked had her display home outfitted with a nursery, allowing her to return to work with her newborn son. Fast-forward to today, and Anders has joined the industry, combining youth and passion with his family’s four decades of real estate experience to provide next-level service to his clients.

The display home nursery was only the beginning of Anders’ immersion in the field of real estate. Indeed, his family likes to joke that he conducted his first appointment as a toddler, leading his mother’s clients by hand through the home and reviewing it’s features. While he does less leading by hand these days, Anders still loves exploring opportunities with his clients looking to sell and buy real estate.

Prior to becoming licensed as a REALTOR®, Anders obtained a Bachelor’s of Commerce Honours Degree, majoring in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba. His knowledge of finance and investments is a great asset to his clients looking to invest in real estate.

A believer in the importance of constant improvement, Anders invests in coaching and regularly attends professional development courses in order to better serve his clients.

Anders has witnessed the way in which his family has grown their business organically, through excellent client service, and understands the importance of maintaining great client relationships. He believes firmly that his client’s interests are paramount, and understands that serving their real estate needs requires a healthy relationship built on transparency, integrity, and trust. He knows that the way we buy and sell homes has changed since his grandfather first entered the industry, and that it will continue to change in the future. However, he also knows that there is nothing that can replace the value of a personal relationship with a trusted professional.

When not at work, Anders enjoys playing volleyball, golfing, travelling, and reading a good book.