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Kim Fyles

For the past 30 years as a top-producing REALTOR® in Winnipeg, Kim has relied on her authentic, truly caring approach to provide exceptional service to her clients. While she has been recognized with numerous industry awards, she is most proud of being able to say that nearly 80% of her business comes from repeat and referred buyers and sellers.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Kim is an advocate of her home town, and has witnessed it’s transformation into a culturally-diverse, metropolitan city, home to world-class attractions, a vibrant food culture, and a thriving arts scene. She enjoys the four distinct seasons the city is graced with and the many activities that come along with them.

With a career spanning over three decades as a new home sales agent, Kim has been invloved in the construction of many of Winnipeg’s communities. This extensive experience provides her with a wealth of knowledge on many of Winnipeg’s most desirable neighbourhoods, allowing her to expertly serve her clients, whether they be looking to sell their home, buy a home, or build their dream home.

Kim has also been fortunate to grow her business throughout the raising of her two sons; Anders & Soren, both of whom are third-generation REALTORS®. Both boys accompanied her to work. In fact, as newborns, each went with Kim to her display home, where the builder, with whom she has worked for over 29 years, had equipped one of the bedrooms as a nursery, so that she could continue to work and spend time with her newborn sons.

Being a REALTOR® has allowed Kim to meet and help many fantastic people over the years, as well as form a number of life-long friendships. She is grateful for the journey of personal growth and development her career has gifted her, and for her clients, who entrust her with thier family’s housing needs. She is forever thankful to be able to provide for her family while helping others!